Emergency management

Optimize resources with our proximity algorithms to work for isochrones, triangulation of forest fires, geolocalized document management, census of disabled people and much more

Encuestas geolocalizadas

Protect your citizens

Receive geolocated messages for medical, accident, crime, forest fire, urban maintenance and much more alerts. Send indications and emergency protocols in a truthful and geolocated way

Automatic responses

Upon receiving the alert and sending it to the nearest means, the system returns the nearest defibrillator and a video with indications to perform a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation while the paramedics arrive

Missing people

Send information about missing persons in a geolocalized or general way to achieve a greater impact in the shortest possible time even connected to social media


Send videos, audio, text and even support web pages with instructions to follow, action protocols and all 100% accessible. Even with subtitled videos for deaf people!

Triangulate forest fires far away

Know the base of the forest fire from two alerts in seconds along with all the adjacent information such as weather, nearby homes, orography and much more

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