A smart city is one that communicates with its citizens in both directions

We make possible communication between both with a secure, scalable and geolocated platform

Our four basic principles of communication

The platform allows innumerable services for the cities: status of the city, mobility studies of origin and destination, official information without hoaxes, geolocated surveys in real time, geolocalized healthcare, emergency management and much more. A real smartcity!

Without hoaxes

All the information is authenticated by the entity that generates it


The messages can be sent to all citizens or geolocated for a specific area. You can even schedule messages and send automatic responses to certain events


All messages are segmented in both directions for a more efficient and optimized treatment


The smart city talks to its citizens and also listens to them

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We turn traditional cities into smartcities with the most advanced, scalable and secure technology

Examples of use

An extremely flexible and powerful platform to meet your needs

Reports of origin and destination

Reports of origin and destination

Mobility studies of any period of time and scalable up to millions of users. Learn more

Geolocated polls

Geolocated polls

Perform geolocated surveys in real time to know the evolution of the opinion of its citizens. Learn more

Truthful information

Truthful information

Avoid hoaxes sending truthful information to citizens in real time and in a geolocated way. Learn more

State of the city

State of the city

Receive multimedia and geolocalized notices of the population to know the state of the city. Learn more

Reverse 911

Reverse 911

In cases of emergencies, send multimedia information with instructions to continue to specific areas. No hoaxes! Learn more

Missing people

Missing people

Make the information of missing persons viral in a geolocated and secure way in time. Learn more


Innovative and practical

Sometime again, I had the pleasure of meeting Eugenio Herrero, CEO at SafetyGPS. I was privileged to see a demonstration of an emergency mobile application he had produced. It was innovative and practical.

112 Madrid (Spain)

SafetyGPS is an incredible revolution in emergency management

100% for Disabled People

The application that allows the communication of deaf people with Emergencies

Two ministries are studying to implant it

"Emergencies and police through GPS"

Traffic accidents

"A mobile platform serves so that the agents in charge of this topic can locate the claims more quickly and thus gain in efficiency"

Ministry of Health

"SafetyGPS for the promotion of accessibility in the emergency services of deaf people, with hearing impairment and people with disabilities and reduced mobility"

Awards and honours